Transformation Plan and Corporate Strategy – connect the dots

Corporate Strategy and Transformation Plan
Corporate Strategy and Transformation Plan

Today (April 20) we are publishing our Corporate Strategy and Transformation Plan – as promised in a number of our recent communications, including our ‘Ten Years of Sellafield’ campaign over the last few weeks.

These documents set out our direction and our approach to fundamental and far-reaching change in our organisation, both focused on accelerating hazard reduction.

These two new documents sit within a framework:

• The Corporate Strategy, which sets direction and intent.
• The Transformation Plan, which sets our approach to change.
• The Operating Plan, which set targets and milestones within the context of the longer-term Corporate Plan.

This is our first Corporate Strategy since becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NDA. It focuses on managing the legacy (our core mission) and making the most of the assets (developing future options).

We have a new vision – to be a world leader in solving complex nuclear challenges. This is supported by our company mission – to safely and securely remediate the Sellafield site, to benefit the industry, nation and region. We continue to focus on the three strategic themes of safe and secure site stewardship, demonstrable progress, and return on investment.

We will focus internally on transforming our business, to embed the ways of working that we know will make us the high-performing company we want to be. At the same time, we will work with the NDA to help make sure our transforming performance creates the right conditions for new opportunities, with the potential to stimulate the supply chain and revitalise our economies.

We are committing to some tangible outcomes, such as accelerating hazard reduction and delivering significant cost savings, and we are developing the detail of how we will achieve those.

Our Executive team will be hosting a series of roadshows, from May 8, at various locations around our sites. These will offer an opportunity to hear the views of the executive team and to ask questions and share ideas. Details about how to book onto those sessions will be published shortly.