Cumbria County Council Fostering visit

Cumbria County Council Fostering visit
Staff from Cumbria County Council (CCC) recently visited the Sellafield site to spread the word about the rewards of fostering. They attracted lots of interest and awareness and even had two serious enquiries from potential future foster carers.

Sellafield Ltd became a Fostering Friendly employer in 2014. We already had several policies in place to ease the burden for actual or potential foster carers but took the opportunity to refresh our approach. Carers can be supported in a number of ways, for example by receiving time off work for both training and for periods of adjustment, and by the use of the same flexible working arrangements which are available to support parents.

Claire Lloyd, the council’s Fostering Service Manager, and Lisa Rowe, a Social Worker with its Fostering and Adoption Recruitment and Assessment Team, spent a morning in the main canteen, talking to employees and taking expressions of interest.

Claire said: “I would like to say a big thank you to all at Sellafield Ltd for the warm welcome Lisa and I received during our visit. Many thanks to Dave Kerry, a CCC foster carer and Sellafield Ltd employee, who also joined us for a short period.”

Dave, a Technical Manager with SFM is a foster carer. He said: “We first got involved in fostering about 14 years ago. Our role has mainly focused on the long-term fostering of children who need a permanent family but for whom adoption is not an appropriate route.

“We’re proud that one of our young people has recently graduated with a degree in primary education, and that another’s currently at university training to be a vet. We are equally delighted with the small but incredibly important steps that continue to be made by the two young people who remain with us, one of whom has severe autism and the other profound and multiple learning disabilities. In many respects, theirs is the greater challenge, and it’s a great privilege (and a lot of hard work) to be involved.”

If you’re interested in learning more about fostering with Cumbria County Council, contact: Lisa Rowe on 07825 340057 or visit the website.