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Civil Nuclear Constabulary Police Sergeant blog

I started my career in 2004 when the CNC was known as UKAEAC. Policing of the Sellafield site has changed a lot since I first started.

When I first joined the section I was the youngest and one of only three female frontline officers and only two of us were Authorised Firearms Officers. Our roles and responsibilities back then were quite different to today. We were required to complete gate duties checking passes at the site gates as the Guard Force do today. We carried out searches of staff and their vehicles on entering and leaving the Site.

We were once getting called to attend reports of general crimes on site and we would attend to take witness statements and conduct the initial investigation. Now the site crime is handled by Cumbria Constabulary.

We spent night shifts completing security checks. This involved checking Site Staff had locked up their security cabinets and now we are dedicated to counter terrorist patrols and reconnaissance through Project Servator.

I think this change has been of great benefit to the site and the CNC as this has allowed us to police the threat to the site and enabled us to deliver our mission in an efficient manner.  Feedback from the local communities around Project Servator has been positive so far and they have stated we have got it right using the right types of officer to engage with them.

I feel the attitude toward the CNC has changed and the site and nuclear family have a better understanding of our role in both an incident and day to day.

Civil Nuclear Constabulary Police Sergeant