Ongoing Receipt of AGR Fuel

Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) fuel is received into the Fuel Handling Plant at Sellafield.

Within the Fuel Handling Plant the fuel is dismantled using the AGR fuel dismantler.

Thorp Receipt and Storage will provide interim storage for fuel that is not reprocessed through Thorp, pending packaging and disposal to the Geological Disposal Facility.

The programme scope includes all of the oxide fuel storage facilities on the Sellafield site:

  • Thorp Receipt and Storage
  • Fuel Handling Plant receipt and pond storage (shared with the Magnox Reprocessing Programme)
  • The light water reactor fuel storage pond
  • The AGR fuel storage pond

The programme also includes:

  • The AGR fuel dismantler in the fuel handling plant
  • The AGR fuel dismantler waste store
  • The spent fuel packaging plant (to be built) for the export of AGR fuel and Wet Inlet Facility fuel to the UK Geological Disposal Facility
Ongoing Receipt of AGR Fuel
Ongoing Receipt of AGR Fuel