Land and Groundwater Remediation

Our land and groundwater remediation programme will deliver clean-up of the Sellafield site to the agreed end-state of partial remediation, followed by indefinite institutional control.

End States
End States


The objectives of the Land Quality Programme are to understand, control, manage and remediate the legacy of contaminated land and groundwater at Sellafield in order to ensure protection of the work force, the public and the environment. 

To meet these objectives the Land Quality Programme integrates programme management, characterisation, assessment and remediation management, groundwater management, and data management.

During the short to medium term the main objectives of the Land Quality Programme are to minimise any increase in contaminated land inventory and to limit expansion of the volume of contaminated land. 

The longer term objective for the Land Quality Programme is to work towards the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority’s (NDA) agreed end-state as stated in the NDA strategy. 

The Land and Groundwater Programme includes a groundwater monitoring programme which characterises, assesses and monitors the groundwater quality underlying the Sellafield site through groundwater sample acquisition and analysis. Sampling the groundwater monitoring wells and evaluating the sample analysis data provides an understanding of the nature and extent of groundwater contamination beneath the Sellafield site.