This programme of work aligns with the following Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) objectives:

  • Encourage the highest standards in health, safety, security and environmental performance
  • Deliver high hazard and risk reduction
  • Progress decommissioning and clean-up


The strategic objectives are:

  • Safe decommissioning of all facilities
  • Develop and coordinate long term decommissioning strategy

Solid Waste Storage Cells

We will carry out characterisation and segregation of waste into intermediate level waste and low level waste. Low level waste will be consigned to the Low Level Waste Repository and intermediate level waste will be returned to the cell until the Box Encapsulation Plant is available. When the cells are empty, the facility will be decommissioned and demolished.

Pile Chimney

The remaining Pile Chimney will be decommissioned and demolished down to approximately 35m level. The remaining structure will then be placed under care and maintenance along with the Pile 2 remaining structure. Following final decommissioning of the pile reactors under the Windscale Programme, the remaining pile chimney structures will be demolished.

Separation Purification Plant

Currently in the interim decommissioning phase, focus is on removing the ventilation system, followed by decommissioning and demolition of the building.

Fuel Fabrication Facilities

Facilities will be monitored once operations have finished, followed by a programme of decommissioning and demolition of the building.

North Group Compound

Once the compound is no longer operational we will continue to monitor it before completing interim decommissioning and demolition. The resultant land will be the first to be transferred to the Land and Groundwater Remediation Programme.

Analytical Services Labs

We will continue with interim decommissioning of specific laboratories. The long term decommissioning and demolition sits as part of the Infrastructure Programme.

Separation Product Finishing and Storage Facility

We will decommission and demolish specific zones within the facility. The remaining decommissioning and demolition work is captured as part of the Safe Storage of Plutonium Programme.

Low Active Effluent Treatment Tank

Following the recovery of effluent from the identified tanks, a programme of decontamination and demolition can be completed. The final decommissioning is captured as part of the Effluent Management Programme.

Highly Active Liquor Tank

Removing the intermediate level waste inventory is under way, then the wall will be resealed and the module decontaminated. The remaining decommissioning of the tank is captured as part of the Highly Active Liquor Programme.