Once buildings are no longer operational they go through a process called decommissioning which includes decontamination and demolition. The Decommissioning Programme at Sellafield completes the decommissioning of some key non operational buildings and uses the learning from this to set the strategy for the future decommissioning for the remaining facilities on the site.

Decommissioning in action


The Decommissioning Programme at Sellafield includes the strategy and preparation for decommissioning and future decommissioning. It excludes the specific decommissioning of facilities which are currently operational or subject to retrieval operations, these are covered within the scope of the relevant programme area.

The programme lists the physical decommissioning of:

  • Solid Waste Storage Cells
  • Pile Chimney
  • SEP Purification Plant
  • Fuel Fabrication Facilities
  • North Group Compound
  • Analytical Service Labs
  • SEP Product Finishing and Storage Facility*
  • LA Effluent Treatment Park*
  • LA Effluent Storage Tanks