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Select committee recognises Sellafield’s importance

22nd February 2017

Our Strategy and Technical Director, Rebecca Weston, was invited to talk to the House of Lords science and technology select committee this week. It was a first for Rebecca who, recognised as an industry expert, was asked to answer questions on the future of nuclear policy, give her view on what a sector deal for the nuclear industry might look like, and offer her thoughts on what the future of Euratom might be in a post-brexit world. She was questioned for an hour alongside two other representatives from the nuclear industry, with the whole interview transmitted live and everything she... Read more

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Updated: 20th February 2017


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Sunday Blog – Project Management Apprentice

26th February 2017

It’s clear that the delivery of projects – to scope, on schedule and on budget – is an important part of our future, enabling us to deliver our mission. As a Project Management Apprentice, this is something I’ve heard loud and clear. By gaining the various qualifications throughout the four years of my apprenticeship I will have good knowledge of project management. Through my work placements I will gain experience of working on Sellafield projects in each discipline. Bringing those two elements together will make me competent in project management. This will enable me to successfully work on Sellafield projects... Read more