Publication scheme

Who we are and what we do

You can find our contact information on the Sellafield Ltd ‘Press Office’ section of this website.

Roles and responsibilities

What we spend and how we spend it


Procurement and tendering procedures

  • Sellafield Ltd Procurement plan and terms and conditions are available under the Supplier section of this site.
  • Our lists of current contract opportunities are accessed via our Complete Tender Management (CTM) system, which allows full user registration
  • Contract finder lets you search for information about contracts worth over £10,000 with the government and its agencies.
  • The Publication of Supplier Payment Performance available here

What our priorities are and how we are doing

Strategy and performance information, plans, assessments, reports and reviews

How we make decisions

  • Redacted board minutes can be made available on request

Our policies and procedures and other publications

  • Policies and procedure can be found here
  • Company reports can be found here
  • Publications can be found here
  • Leaflets can be found here 
  • Anti-Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy can be found here
  • Equality and Diversity policy will be published in 2018 based of 2017 data as per the legislation

Records management and personal data policies

  • Information Management Manual can be found here
  • Information Lifecycle and Records Management can be found here
  • Information Risk Management Manual can be found here
  • Data Sharing Manual can be found here
  • Personal Data Handling Manual can be found here
  • Information Management Policy can be found here

Charging regimes and policies

  • Sellafield Ltd is entitled to charge for certain requests, for example Data Access Requests, medical records requested by employees or third parties (where these are not associated with an insurance claim against Sellafield Ltd) and the Freedom of Information requests (where the cost may be judged to be disproportionate). Other than charges for medical records, Sellafield Ltd tends to judge each charge on it's merits.

Lists and registers

  • Register of directors’ interests – The information will be provided shortly
  • The Sellafield site and other sites occupied by Sellafield Ltd employees utilise CCTV for the purpose of crime prevention / detection, employee safety and protection of the property of NDA and its partners. CCTV surveillance is controlled by: NDA/Sellafield Ltd

Any registers of interests kept by the company

  • Sellafield Ltd has no interests in other companies

Register of gifts and hospitality provided to board members and senior staff

  • Sellafield Ltd sets strict requirements on accepting or giving gifts and entertainment. These are set out Section 5b in our Code of Responsibility Business Conduct, which is published on this website here  Because of this very little by way of gifts or entertainment are given or received by our employees. The register of Gifts and Entertainment is available on request

 The service we offer