National Apprenticeship Week blog – Keiran Doyle

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Keiran Doyle, Nuclear Worker Apprentice

The reason I chose an apprenticeship was because I wanted transferable life skills and to earn while I learned. I didn’t have much prior knowledge of apprenticeships until I went to the Gen2 open day, this opened my eyes on the quality of knowledge you gain and how it gives you skills which can be used anywhere. The idea of getting hands on training in the workplace was one of the main drivers for me to get on a scheme, learning how doing the actual job and being trusted in work is something I find really valuable.

My role is to make sure all equipment and materials are prepped and ready to allow the plant to run smoothly. Some of the activities I do include bringing the waste containers over onto plant, introducing them into the cell, making sure that the glass and sugar are ready. This is all necessary to keep the vitrification going and keep the lines on plant running smoothly.

I would definitely encourage people to pursue a career in engineering. There are a wide number of routes to take so whatever you are into there will be a role that fits. There are a number of big projects, particularly in West Cumbria coming up which will require skilled engineers such as the new nuclear facilities and all the decommissioning work at Sellafield. I look forward to the remainder of my apprenticeship, and my future as a qualified nuclear engineer.