National Apprenticeship Week Blog – Hannah McKain

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Hannah McKain, E&I Apprentice

I chose an apprenticeship because I was never someone who enjoyed class room learning at school, I learn by being hands on with the job rather than just reading about it. Getting an apprenticeship has allowed me to study for a qualification in a subject I really enjoy while earning at the same time. When I was younger, I would also be fixing things or finding out how things worked, I felt an apprenticeship was the best way to take these interests and turn it into my job.

I knew I didn’t want to stay on at school or go to university but I wasn’t completely set on how I was going to pursue my interests. The school itself didn’t push for apprenticeships as much as they should, however I remember in year 10 Gen 2 giving a talk around the schemes they offer, after this I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

If I was to go into schools now to promote apprenticeships, I wouldn’t run a lecture by standing up and just talking, instead I would show them what engineering is and as an engineer what career paths you could take. I feel that making the talk interactive and engaging with the students will help them get a better understanding; kids remember fun lessons much better than the boring ones!

I would encourage anyone who has an interest in engineering and is on the fence to just go for it. I always knew I wanted to do something engineering based but I was still surprised with the wide range of careers available in engineering. Take the risk, it’s worth it.

It is really good to see that more girls are taking up careers in engineering. I have always been interested in craft even though it is considered a male dominant profession. The teams I am working in have a good mix which is important for me as an apprentice, being able to learn from both men and women.