National Apprenticeship Week blog – Laura Ward

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Laura Ward, CE&I Design Apprentice, Sellafield Ltd

I decided to choose an apprenticeship because I didn’t want to go to university. I’d had enough of being in a classroom environment for 5 days a week and wanted to get out and start earning a wage. By doing an apprenticeship I’m able to earn whilst I learn as well as getting valuable ‘on the job’ experience.

CE&I design engineers such as myself are responsible for designing and developing the equipment used to monitor and control engineering systems, processes and machinery. I work closely with other engineers and help them to produce drawings and documentation for various designs. I spend most of my time in the design office using AutoCAD, but often visit site to walk down the facility and check out measurements, routings and sizes.

I would encourage people to persue a career in engineering as it’s such an interesting and diverse industry. Engineering skills and knowledge gives you a great base for any role further down in your career. Engineering is seen as a ‘male dominated’ environment but its surprising to see the number of female engineers in our design office. I was wary of a career in engineering, but as a girl you’re not treated any differently which is great.

Engineering isn’t for everyone, I understand that, however it’s so vast that there will be a career option to suit almost everyone. If you’re interested in your STEM subjects and want a career that is going to challenge you then engineering should definitely be an option. No day is the same here in the Risley design office and there are always opportunities to move around the business and work on different projects. There’s always something new and interesting to work on, I love it.