Cumbrian youngsters invited to get ‘AppFit’

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Sellafield Ltd is to host a week of training sessions to help equip local young people with the skills and confidence they need to make apprenticeships their ‘plan A’ after leaving school.

In collaboration with local training providers Gen2, Inspira and Lakes College, Sellafield Ltd will run a week of educational sessions for local young people, to educate and broaden their knowledge and skills of how to complete the application process for an apprenticeship.

Commencing on the 24th October 2016, the sessions are aimed at helping young people become ‘apprenticeship fit’ – or ‘Appfit’ – gaining the skills needed to complete aptitude tests, confidence in an interview or the knowledge to fill in an application form for an apprenticeship.

AppFit is open to all those eligible to apply for an apprenticeship scheme over the next 12 months.

Sessions will take place at Energus, Lillyhall on Monday 24th and Tesday 25th October or Lakes College, Lillyhall on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th October, 9am to 2.30pm.

All the sessions will include:

– Application Form & CV Guidance – Mock Aptitude Testing – Interview Tools and Techniques

The event will also include a tour of the facilities and the opportunity to ask any questions about apprenticeships.

Helen Fisher, Head of socio-economics at Sellafield Ltd said: “Together with Gen2, Inspira and Lakes College, we have created AppFit week to help young people in the region see apprenticeships as a ‘plan A’ after they leave school and help them understand how to complete the application process for an apprenticeship.

“We understand an apprenticeship application process can be challenging for individuals – they might make an excellent apprentice but lack the experience to pass the application stage – that is where we want to help, to ensure that there are no barriers to them becoming an apprentice.”

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