Decommissioning Delivery Partnership kicks into action

Supplier News

Work is now being delivered on the Sellafield site through the new Decommissioning Delivery Partnership (DDP) as the new framework arrangement agreed at the beginning of 2016 starts moving from mobilisation into delivery.

It will be a steady start for this new 10-year framework, which will directly deliver decommissioning work and also provide the opportunity for doing wider site works at Sellafield.

Work continues to be transitioned from existing frameworks and scoping of new packages is progressing. Recognising the longevity of the framework – work is expected to grow as the framework matures.

Opportunities to engage with the wider supply chain on DDP work will develop in the near future. At this stage of transition, it is too early for meaningful engagement on the scope and nature of the work. However, the DDP recognises the crucial role the wider supply chain and SMEs will play in delivering work through DDP.

A key advantage of the DDP is that it allows work to be initiated very quickly, with tasks up to the value of £5m directly allocated to any one of the framework partners. This could reduce the time it takes to procure work by around 6 months and make major reductions in commercial costs.

The DDP is also working towards agreeing a single socio-economic plan to deliver jobs, skills and local community benefits.

Progress so far:

Lot 1 (site remediation, PFCS,PFSP. waste, Calder, POCO and others): Framework delivery partners:

  • Integrated Decommissioning Solutions (Atkins (Energy Solutions EU Ltd), Hertel (UK) Ltd, North West Projects Ltd and Westlakes Engineering Ltd)
  • Nexus (Costain)
  • AREVA-Doosan-Atkins
  • Cumbria Nuclear Solutions Ltd (Shepley Engineers, James Fisher Nuclear Ltd, REACT Engineering Ltd, Jacobs Stobbarts, Westinghouse Electric Company UK Ltd, WYG Engineering Ltd).

Progress since framework agreed:

  • Mobilisation and governance arrangements now in place
  • Work can now be awarded
  • First work started on 4 April (the delivery of Fuel Route Commissioning on Calder Hall)
  • Broad scope of work for 2016/17 identified: minor project tasks, asset care and demolition
  • Two large competitions will be conducted, including the demolition of the B6 stack diffuser.
  • Predicted spend for next 12 months: £10m-14m.

Lot 2 (First Generation Magnox Storage Pond):

Framework delivery partner:

  • The Decommissioning Alliance (Jacobs, Atkins (Energy Solutions EU Ltd), Westinghouse Electric Company)

Progress since framework agreed:

  • Mobilisation and governance arrangements now in place
  • Work can now be awarded
  • Two work packages now issued worth around £200,000, with work expected to start in the second quarter of 2016/17.
  • Work for 2016/17 will predominantly be around asset care, restoration and commissioning and will be worth around £9m.

Lot 3 (Magnox Swarf Storage Silo)

Framework delivery partner:

  • Amec Foster Wheeler, Hertel (UK) Ltd, Shepley Engineers

Progress since framework agreed:

  • Target date set to raise orders during July 2016 (12 months earlier than originally anticipated)
  • Predicted work in 2016/17: installation of steel work, pipe work, SEP machine installation support, some manufacturing and construction tasks, building preparation of rails and brackets, replacement of the building roof.
  • Predicted spend for next 12 months: £6-8m.