Technical Specialist Training scheme reaps dividends


Jack Denwood, Sellafield Ltd

Sellafield Ltd employee Jack Denwood has achieved the highest overall average in his year to bag himself a first class honours degree in plant engineering.

Jack began work five years ago as part of the Sellafield Ltd Technical Specialist Training (TST) scheme straight from sixth form at Westlakes Academy in West Cumbria.

A three year foundation course is a compulsory element of the TST scheme which Jack completed in 2012. Jack then went on to complete a further two years study and gain his honours degree in plant engineering.

One of the key elements of Jack’s degree was the completion of an industrial project as part of his final dissertation, which earned him the highest score in his year. Jack’s project was on the radiometric profiling of the highly active waste storage tanks (HASTS) at Sellafield.

Due to the hazards associated with storing the highly active liquor, it’s not possible to directly sample the liquors left in the old-side tanks. Jacks project aimed to collect and analyse radiometric data from inside one of the sites old-side compounds.

Lisa Maxwell from Sellafield Ltd’s, Waste and Effluent Disposition Technical Department was Jack’s supervisor throughout his studies, she praised Jack saying: “Jack has worked very hard and contributed towards an extremely valuable piece of work that will enable Sellafield Ltd to move forward with the POCO mission and reduce the hazards on the site significantly. We are all very proud of his achievements particularly gaining the highest overall marks in his year and achieving a first class degree with honours, well done Jack.”