Rubies and pearls for Sellafield’s Hinton House

Corporate News

Andrew Carr, Director of Hinton House (holding the cake) celebrating with some of the original residents of Hinton House.

Autumn 2014 marks a special anniversary for Sellafield Ltd employees working at Hinton House, Warrington.

Hinton House, named as a tribute to one of the world’s leading nuclear engineers, Lord Hinton of Bankside, has celebrated 30 years since welcoming its first project team through the doors in August 1984 .

It’s not just Hinton House that has reached a milestone in its history; a number of engineers from the building marked 40 years since they began their apprenticeship with Sellafield Ltd, a Nuclear Management Partners’ company.

Tony Roberts, Steve Grimshaw, Ian McMurran and Rob Millington began as British Nuclear Fuels plc apprentices in 1974 and have remained with the company working in the engineering capability ever since.

Tony said: “When I first moved into Hinton House it was completely different to what it is today – the offices were full of drawing boards instead of computers, in the design offices everyone had a drawing board unless you were a senior manager and communication was primarily by telephone and the post, no emails.”

As Tony and his colleague reminisce about years-gone-by, the latest design engineering apprentices begin their journey with Sellafield Ltd. Six new young people join the company on 1 September and will undergo a four year Design Engineering apprentice scheme.

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