Recycling Collaboration realises major cost savings

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Recycling Project Team
Recycling Project Team

Working in partnership, the Sellafield Ltd Waste Management and Infrastructure Enhancements teams have delivered what is potentially the single largest recycling project on the Sellafield site which could realise savings of up to £625,000.

The Outer Perimeter Security Zone (OPSZ) project recycled excavated concrete aggregate from the Calder Hall cooling tower basins for use as road bases for the land rover tracks associated with the  project.

As well as saving of £200,000 – £250,000 in costs for the purchase of materials from an offsite quarry, the team has also saved in disposal costs for the concrete aggregate. The amount expected to be saved is in the region of £125,000.

Head of Sellafield Ltd’s Waste Oversight, Simon Martin said: “This is one of the largest recycling projects to have ever taken place at Sellafield and is directly attributable to the tremendous display of teamwork and ‘can-do’ attitude by various departments.”

Additionally, after all of the material has been reused there will be space to accept a further 25,000 tonnes of uncrushed material from the Demolition team. This has diverted 25,000 tonnes of concrete waste away from offsite disposal, which equates to a further saving of £250,000.

Paul Kelly, Waste Advisor, Sellafield Ltd, said: “This success is in line with the Waste Management Hierarchy, it demonstrates a sustainable approach and hopefully helps highlight the work that the Waste Advisory team can offer the rest of site.”

Senior Project Manager, Ian Rae, Sellafield Ltd, said: “This is a fantastic example of the project team `thinking outside of the box’ and then driving an idea to conclusion and in the process, saving time and money.  As potentially the largest recycling project to have taken place at Sellafield it displays the team work and can-do attitude of the various departments involved.”