Metal Recycling Team hits significant target

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Waste recycling
Waste recycling

The MacMillan Cancer Support charity will soon be presented with a cheque for £500, thanks to the magnificent achievement by the Solid Waste OU Metals Recycling Team who has become the first group at Sellafield Ltd to deliver their contract baseline targets.

Not only has the team achieved this, but they have done it a remarkable 18 months ahead of schedule.

The teams apply the waste management hierarchy and characterise, size reduce, decontaminate and recycle metals to reduce the volumes of wastes requiring disposal to the Low Level Waste Repository near Drigg. Waste metals of all shapes and sizes are collected from all over the Sellafield site. Following characterisation, the metals are decontaminated at the on-site Metals Recycling Facility and released from site for recycling.

Speaking of this achievement, Simon Rowe, Head of Waste, Sellafield Ltd said: “This is a fantastic achievement made possible by the collaborative working between the metals team and the waste technical and oversight teams, characterisation team and the LLWR and their metals supply chain companies.”

The contract baseline target was to process 3750 tonnes of metal by the end of March 2014.  By the end of August 2012 the team had processed 3833 tonnes, a significant achievement.  Not content with delivering the contract baseline the team also bettered its performance plan targets for 2011/12 and is on tract to beat 2012/13 performance plan targets.

Tom Foster, NMP Executive Director for Sellafield Ltd, Waste and Effluent Disposition added: “We have some extremely talented and skilled people working on this site, all of which play an important role.  Working together these teams have excelled in their delivery performance and as a result have become the first on the site to deliver their baseline targets, I would like to thank each and every one of them for their dedication and commitment.”