New land quality system

Operational Excellence


Sellafield Ltd is purchasing a Land Quality Data Management System to enhance the site’s ground contamination management programme.

The new system will bring together over 40 years of contaminated land and groundwater data into one location.

Data management specialist Dr Kate Apps said: “This will allow us to further improve our understanding of how contamination is moving below ground and support our future remediation programme.”

“We’ve been collecting groundwater data on the Sellafield site since the late 1970s. In the past, data have been collected by different teams, and stored in different systems and in different formats, making interrogation and analysis very difficult and time consuming. The new system will make everything available at the touch of a button.”

For the next 40 years much of the contaminated land will need to be managed in-situ as it will not be possible to excavate ground with buildings on top or in close proximity. The new system will protect the data for future generations as it uses industry standard software and hardware, so ensuring it can be maintained and is as future proof as possible.

The most significant driver for the land quality strategy at Sellafield is to understand, control and manage the legacy of contaminated land and groundwater to ensure protection of the workforce, the public and the environment.

Alister Dunlop, head of SR&DP technical said: “We have selected Informed Solutions for the job, who I believe will provide a system that will enable Sellafield Ltd to manage and use its historic and future land data effectively.”